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Growing up I had never tasted yogurt. I don't know why, perhaps it was not one of my parents' favorite foods, but I was married before I was introduced to it. Hubby loved it, and would put his breakfast cereal in a bowl of yogurt... to my disgust! Ugh! I couldn't get past the smell of the stuff. But being somewhat of a gastric adventurer, I did at least try it. But in my estimation it tasted pretty much like it smelled and I left it to Hubby and Son to devour.

Years go by and so do food fads. Yogurt became a thing, and manufacturers were trying all sorts of things to jazz it up. Finally I decided to try Yoplait, which came in 6 oz containers in all sorts of interesting flavors like chocolate, caramel, and coffee. These actually tasted good to me! Once in a while I would try the store brands that came in 8 oz containers but I'd get tired of the taste after about half of the container, so I switched back to Yoplait.

Fast forward a couple decades and multiple health issues... I had a dietitian suggest I try to keep my breakfasts to 14 or fewer grams of sugar. Do you know how hard it is to find a single serve container of yogurt with less than 15 grams of sugar?? Dang near impossible, that is! Unless you don't mind the clingy aftertaste of artificial sweetener. The beneficial bacteria in yogurt make it especially good for one of my issues, but the sugar is not good for another. I needed to find a way to continue eating yogurt. The Dietitian suggested I try plain yogurt with fresh fruit, and I made an involuntary face and shudder of disgust. To compromise she suggested Tillamook greek-style which actually made several flavors with 14 or fewer grams of sugar. So I did this. And it was good.

Then we moved to the coast. The grocery stores here don't carry Tillamook, or they only carry a few things like their cheeses. Now I was forced to try to experiment with ::shudder:: plain yogurt! So I gathered a variety of fresh berries, grapes, bananas, kiwis and picked up the only single-serve plain yogurt I could find. It was nonfat. The result was pretty good but tasted a bit thin, not really satisfying. Next I tried to find a NON nonfat plain yogurt, but only found a quart size. "Fine", I thought, and bought it, still disappointed that there were no lowfat plain yogurts in single-serve size. I just wanted to experiment, not commit myself to a quart of the stuff!

The next morning I spooned about 6 - 8 oz of really thick yogurt into a bowl, added my fruit and stirred it together. I took a bite and nearly fell out of my chair! Wow.... it was so delicious!..., but there was something really odd here, it was so rich and tasted like really heavy, pure unadulterated, but slightly tangy, cream! I took out the container again and looked it over (with my reading glasses on!) and there was no mention of the fat content. The nutrition list revealed the truth: this was fullfat yogurt!

So now I am enjoying yogurt garnished fresh fruit for breakfast. Two teaspoon scoops is all it takes. A fruit salad with cream dressing. Heaven.


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