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I had an idea about how to archive our extensive forum life. It's not as tedious as copy/pasting each post of each thread of each form... but still a slow process...

To be doable this requires a full-access website, not a "free" kind, and not a blog like this. I am happy to use my own website just as soon as I can get into my file manager -- I seem to be locked out. In the meantime I worked up an example of what it would be like here: The Fellowship of Middle-earth Archive . Here's how to do it:

1. create a folder on your hard drive named FoMe, and inside it another folder named for the particular section (for instance "StorytellerCircle") and inside that a folder named for a particular forum (for instance "Artwork"), and lastly inside that a folder for a particular thread (such as "TinidrilArt").
2. on the forums, navigate to the particular thread's first page.
3. RIGHT-click and choose "Save as" from the menu, the default setting for "page type" should be "webpage, complete"
4. name the file as briefly as possible without losing its context. Use this same naming convention throughout the thread for each page, but put the page number at the end. for example: TinidrilArt-Pg1, TinidrilArt-Pg2, etc. When you save in this way you will download both the HTML file and a folder containing all the images on the page. Both files will be named according to what you entered, but the folder name will be appended with "_files"
5. Upload both the folder and all its contents (this can be done using ftp file transfer) as well as the HTML file for each page.
6. create a simple index.html page with section, forum, and thread headers each with links to the pages, upload this as well

More than one person could work on archiving the site in this way, sending the files/folders to me to upload once I again have access to my file manager.


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